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2021 Trend Colors

Add value and difference to your buildings with innovative colors and designs offered by ASAŞ Aluminium Composite Panel.


Natural Touches for Timeless Spaces

It reflects the plain and strong effect of concrete, which is an indispensable building material for aesthetic, modern and minimalist designs. Concrete pattern, in which the effect of natural concrete is felt in the third dimension with its textured surface option, is designed for timeless spaces.

Copper Patina

Metalic Reflections in Architecture

The eye-catching, bright and aesthetic red brown appearance of oxidized copper comes to life on the aluminium composite panel. Copper patina pattern is designed for architects and designers who seek different touches in their designs.


Nude Colors
Nude and Assertive Designs…

Nude colors with a velvety surface finish and color options that enable different tones; brings together the elegance of simplicity with structures.

Prismatic Colors

Sophisticated Colors, Impressive Designs

The prismatic colors, which change its color with the angle of the sun light and the point of view, allow to create differentiated facade designs while adding a different dynamism to the buildings.


Geometric Pattern

Harmony of Geometrical Pattern on Surfaces

Standing out with its innovative design, in geometric pattern, circular shapes of different sizes come together and turn into squares and rectangles in light and dark tones. The geometric pattern, which has a dynamic design, can be used with a solid color with its own under color or with other colors in the color chart.

Dynamic Lines

Dynamic Touches, Fluid Transitions

The aesthetics and harmony in the transition of lines of different tones and thickness add a plain and fluid dynamizm to the design. The design, which offers horizontal, vertical and angled use depending on the effect desired to be created in the design, makes a difference in modern buildings with a minimalist and innovative touch. Dynamic lines can also be used with a solid color with their own under color or other colors in the color chart.


Textured Colors

Differentiating Designs with the Third Dimensional Effect
on Surfaces

It strengthens the effect of designs with its textured surface and offers a decorative appearance. Depending on the order quantity, different color options suitable for the project can be produced.

2021 Trend Colors Catalogue

Discover the new colors of ASAŞ to make a difference in facade design

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